Our Terms and Conditions for TravelBrands B2B Online Booking System

Welcome to TravelBrands B2B. In this document you will find information about our online reservation system along with our Terms & Conditions.


The following definitions have the same meaning whether they are singular or plural.

TravelBrands B2B (or “Party/Partner”) – the travel services supplier, located in Romania.

Client (or "you/your") - means the party who performs the reservation for one or more services offered by TravelBrands B2B.

Provider (or “Supplier”) – a third party supplier of hotels and other travel products and services

Traveller (or “Passenger”, “Customer”) – end consumer of the travel products and services

Oktobuy – is the status which shows that the reservation is fix.


These Terms & Conditions must be read prior to booking with us. Whoever shall access our product via the Online Reservation System, XML and/or offline method by email and phone, will be bound by these. We reserve the right to change and modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior written notice. Any changes will not affect existing bookings unless particularly notified otherwise.

System behaviour

1) Any reservation in our system, for all types of services (Hotel, Transfer, Flight, Charter, Package, Transfer, Rent a Car, Activities, Sport & Events) except Bus under status Confirmed will be automatically cancelled at the cancellation deadline (CXL deadline) unless the user manually actions the button ‘Issue voucher’, thus switching the reservation status to Oktobuy. Reservations under Oktobuy status are fix and will not be automatically cancelled. The cancellation policy of the reservations remains valid.

- Reservations under Pending status are Not automatically cancelled at cancellation deadline. They are pending for the provider’s confirmation/rejection. Cancellation policy of the reservation remains valid at all times! If you want to proceed with a cancellation of a pending reservation please request this transaction to the Support department corresponding the respective service type. Please pay attention to the cancellation policy.

- Hotel reservations with provider Traffics, German touroperators, once switched from Confirmed status into Oktobuy by action Issue voucher, automatically fall within the cancellation policy levels with charges. Reservations with provider Traffics may imply different cancellation charges than the one stated in the Cancellation policy section in the system. TravelBrands B2B reserves the right to apply the cancellation charges incurred by the touroperator at the moment of the cancellation request. If at the time of cancellation the reservation had already incurred charges or services fees from other previous change transactions, the touroperator reserves the right to maintain those too, in addition to the charges incurred by the requested cancellation.

2) Please proceed up to the booking details page (the step where you are requested the travellers names and details) in order to double check the live availability of the offer, the update prices and any important details/notes associated with the respective offer.

3) Cancellations of reservations under Oktobuy cannot be performed online. Please send a request to the Support department corresponding the respective service type, under acknowledgement of the cancellation policy. Please check our Contact section.

4) Credit card payments will automatically place the reservation under Oktobuy status, at any time, prior or post-booking.

5) Filters in the system (e.g. twin room, direct flight, etc.) are intended to narrow the search results, but they don’t represent a guarantee that the results provided are strictly according with the filters applied. Please pay attention to each offer details and particular specifications.

General Information

6) The reservations are accepted by TravelBrands B2B on the basis of Good Faith. We do not accept abuse of the system. TravelBrands B2B does not allow holding of the product of all service types for reselling and reserves the right to cancel any bookings which we can prove that were made for this purpose.

7) TravelBrands B2B does not accept the use of the system for rate comparison.

8) All the information in our system is exclusive for the use of TravelBrands B2B and cannot be copied, printed, or shared with a third party without authorisation from TravelBrands B2B.

9) All information on hotels are to give you a general idea about the hotel. TravelBrands B2B cannot be held responsible in any way if the results are inaccurate or incomplete. TravelBrands B2B will ensure that all the information is up to date but cannot be held responsible for any errors which may arise. Your continuous use of the system constitutes your acceptance of these liability limitations.

10) You accept financial responsibility for all transactions which you make, including liability for fraudulent bookings. You will be solely responsible for payment of bookings implemented through our website.

11) If no bookings have been made in a period of 3 months, TravelBrands B2B reserves the right to terminate the contract in place without prior notification.

12) When signing up to TravelBrands B2B, the email that is provided will be used for all communications regarding bookings made through the system and therefore it is your responsibility to provide the correct email address and to keep it monitored for any notifications.

13) Offline requests sent to our Reservations Support Department for types of services Hotel, Transfer, Packages, Charters, Rent a Car, Activities, Sport &Events, imply a response time of 24-36 working hours, while resolution can vary depending on the topic and the response time of the provider. Working hours of the Reservations Support Department: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 20:00, Romania time (Saturday and Sunday: closed).

Passport, Visa, Administrative and / or health regulations

14) You are responsible for ensuring that you meet foreign entry requirements and that your travel documents, such as passports and visas (transit, business, tourist, and otherwise), are in order and any other foreign entry requirements are met. We urge customers to review travel prohibitions, warnings, announcements, and advisories issued by the relevant governments prior to booking travel to international destinations.

15) It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet all health entry requirements, obtain the recommended vaccination, take all recommended medication, and follow all medical advice in relation to your trip.


16) Our Online Booking System is to be used solely for individual bookings (up to 9 pax) travelling to the same property, same travel period, even if with different providers. The system enables you to book different room types (single, double, triple, quadruple, etc.). The number of FIT (Fully Independent Travellers) must not exceed 9.

17) The Hotel has the right to cancel bookings made for more than 9 pax from the same agent and similar dates and/or to modify rates and booking conditions in such cases. We cannot assume responsibility for such events.

18) Group requests are to be sent offline to the Support department corresponding the respective service type, including all relevant details, and we will revert back with availability details and all specific terms and conditions.

19) You must give accurate information for all passengers when placing a booking with TravelBrands B2B. Reservations under fictitious/dummy names (TBA, N/A, Test, etc.) are not allowed! If you do not book with the correct names TravelBrands B2B reserves the right to cancel the booking and/or impose no show/cancelation on behalf of the hotel.

20) Room types such as economy, promo, best price (bestpreis) etc. without any specific clarification notes are equivalent to the first level of comfort in the hotel, which may not always be the standard room category.

21) Please note that customer notes/remarks inserted in Notes section are sent to the providers as such, but are not guaranteed/non-binding. Hoteliers decide at their free will and upon the availability to comply with such requests, usually at the time of arrival.  
For any clarifications regarding the booked services please write to helpdesk@dertour.ro

Hotel Information and Facilities

22) We cannot guarantee the actual bedding type in the hotel. A room type shown as double/twin leaves it to the hotel choice and availability at the arrival time to provide either a double or a twin bed.

23) Extra bed for the child/children in room types double or twin is not guaranteed, especially in destinations such as U.A.E and Asia. If this is an important facility for your customers please send a specific request for a double check to helpdesk@dertour.ro

24) We cannot guarantee the type of the extra bed because this depends on the hotel’s amenities. It can be a folding bed, an extendable sofa or chair or a normal single bed. In any case, please note that the extra sleeping facility may not be as comfortable as the standard bed in the room (dimensions, quality, etc.) and its addition in the room may also impair with the overall comfort level and pose inconveniences such as reduced space in the room.

25) In order to provide you the best available rate and an extensive hotel portfolio, TravelBrands B2B has access to different wholesalers, providers and hotel chains. On a rare occasion a hotel mapping issue may arise where the hotel displayed on the search stage is replaced by a different hotel at booking/confirmation stage. You must pay attention to the hotel booking page AND on the confirmation page to ensure you are booking the correct hotel.

26) It is your responsibility to check all the booking details (hotel name, hotel address, dates, room type etc) are correct before and after completing the booking.

27) The hotel star rating mentioned in our system is the one provided by the supplier/ hotel itself and it is possible to change at any time. TravelBrands B2B will work to ensure that the star rating is correct but it is up to you to make sure the information is accurate as we cannot be held responsible.

28) TravelBrands B2B works very hard to provide the most up to date and correct hotel information but because of reasons beyond our control we cannot be held responsible for the hotel information, pictures or facilities of the hotel displayed in the system. Please take into consideration that these pictures and illustrations are meant to show the customer the level of accommodation and the degree of comfort, and they must not be considered to be making any representation that exceeds this purpose.
Please do not hesitate to contact us or the hotel if any facility or a feature is important for the stay. Otherwise TravelBrands B2B cannot be held responsible.

29) Hotel maps in the system are for information purposes only. For accurate information please refer to the address of the hotel’s website. For directions to get to the hotel and complete location information you are advised to contact the hotel directly.


30) TravelBrands B2B reserves the right to amend all rates quoted in the event of any changes in Government taxes. Any such charges will affect new and existing bookings for passengers who have not travelled yet.

31) Please note that rates are as displayed in our booking system at the time of booking. Any alternative rates we quote will be advised in writing and are subject to availability and reconfirmation at the time of booking. Any rates which are the result of an obvious error or omission will not be honored but the booking may be retained at the correct rate if requested.

32) The rates displayed in the system do not include local, city or tourist taxes which are payable directly at the hotels. The value of these taxes and its calculation may be different from destination to destination and the local authorities may change the regulation without or with a delayed public notification. Resort fees are charged directly by the hotel, therefore TravelBrands B2B cannot be held responsible for any charges requested by the hotel.

The information regarding the mandatory fees payable on spot may be displayed on the reservation page in the section EXTRA INFORMATION FOR THIS RESERVATION, if the provider is sending this information.

Extra Charges Made by the Hotel

33) TravelBrands B2B has no responsibility for the extra charges such as parking fees, minibar, safety box, television remote, sauna, swimming pool use etc. Such charges should be paid by the customer directly to the hotel.

34) Upon check-in hotels can request customers to guarantee for the extra services by a valid credit card or a cash deposit.

35) TravelBrands B2B will inform Clients about supplements such as gala dinners or compulsory dinners during festive seasons, when notified accordingly by our supplier. TravelBrands B2B cannot be held responsible for such supplements implemented by the hotel. Please check section EXTRA INFORMATION FOR THIS RESERVATION.

36) Direct Charges: If Hotel charges the customer for the whole reservation and/or for services which are included in the reservation (such as breakfast, extra bed etc.), the Client will need to submit the proof of the charges to TravelBrands B2B, in order to claim the refund.


37) The system allows you to issue vouchers for your reservation(s). For most types of services (example Hotel Vouchers) they may be personalized with your company logo and contact details but all other details must remain unchanged from those issued automatically by the system, mentioning the suppliers’ name that will provide the payment for the room. All payments for extras are to be collected from the passenger.
In the event that TravelBrands B2B receives an invoice from the Hotel /Supplier with additional nights or services than originally booked with us, TravelBrands B2B will invoice you accordingly.

No Show and Early Check-Out

38) In the event of a no-show or early check-out, a charge of up to 100% of the entire cost of the Reservation may apply. The amount can be anything up to 100% of the booking which will vary from hotel and supplier.


39) Please note that most of the airlines rates don’t change for maximum 24 hours post reservation. Afterwards rates can register changes at the time of ticket issuance. This rule is generally valid for Lufthansa Group (Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Swiss, Brusseles Airlines), Flydubai, Iberia, Aeroflot, Aegean Airlines and it ignores the published ticketing time limit.

40) Information under sections "Fare Rules Details" and "Baggage Details" is for guidance purpose. It is your responsibility to check the full and specific conditions with the Ticketing support department.

41) Starting from the 1st of July 2017 catering services are no longer offered on the flights with Fly Dubai. Passengers can pre-order online with minimum 48 hours prior to the flight or on board based on availability.

42) Please be informed for all TAP flights from/to Hungary and Luxemburg the registration of the SSR DOCS information of passengers identification has become mandatory. 

43) It is your full responsibility to introduce correct data at the time of the reservation, for example travel dates, flight class, age of the passenger, etc. We withhold from any responsibility of the charges that you would have to assume in case of possible rate differences/penalties resulted from wrong data.

44) Before sending out the travel documents to the passengers it is your responsibility to double check them. We disclaim any responsibility in case you send out the documents without carefully checking them in advance and, in the absence of the Oktobuy status of the reservation, you send out invalid documents to the passengers.

45) Online check-in transactions are your responsibility entirely, you control the inserted data and we disclaim the responsibility in case the check-in is not correctly performed prior to the flight or the data inserted are incorrect.

46) All flights that are marked in the booking details page with the note "Attention !!! Non Refundable product. The reservations will be OKTOBUY at booking confirmation with 100% penalties " , do not allow optional bookings. At booking confirmation tickets are issued and any cancellation request, at any time will be possible only with a 100% penalty.

47) If TravelBrands B2B receives penalties from the airlines (Agency Debit Memo - ADM) for booking and / or issuance transactions made by you without complying with the specific rules of the respective airline, the full value of these penalties will be re-billed to you for recovery of amounts. In cases where the situation justifies it, TravelBrands B2B will challenge the ADM and try to cancel it.

The most common practices for which airlines issue ADMs:

  • Reservation:
  1. Speculative / fictitious reservations: reservations with false names; reservations containing itineraries with illogical flight segments for travel, such as multiple destinations or reservations, ticketed or not, for the same passenger, with itineraries that intersect and / or cannot be made; booking the return segment before the outbound segment; reservations with fictitious or previously used ticket numbers; high / repetitive rate of canceled reservations; test reservations; etc.
  2. Duplicate reservations: booking the same passenger in multiple reservations containing identical / similar travel data, on the same or different route
  3. Churning: repetitive cancellations and re-bookings on the same flight / date / segment for evading the issuance time limit imposed on the booking
  4. Inactive reservations: segments with status type HX, UN, NO, UC, US, PN, SC, TK, WK that were not deleted from the reservation before the departure date
  5. Violation of the "Married Segment" rules: reservation of a connection destination per segment and not origin-destination, partial cancellation of a "married" segment, etc.
  6. Hidden groups: booking 10 or more passengers on the same travel date and with at least one common flight and / or destination, in two or more individual bookings
  7. Failure to enter birth dates and passenger contacts in reservations
  • Ticketing:
  1. Reissues: modification of tickets with incorrect collection of differences in tariffs, fees or penalties
  2. Refunds: refund of tickets or EMDs with incorrect calculation of the refunded amount
  3. Incomplete use of the ticket (fictitious return): issuance of a round-trip ticket for a one-way journey in order to reduce the applicable fare
  • The list of practices above is indicative and not exhaustive.

48) For further details our Ticketing support department flight@dertour.ro is at your service.

Transfers & Activities

49) Once a transfer or Activities booking is completed, Oktobuy status on the reservation, a voucher with the reference number will be provided. The voucher must be printed and presented as proof of reservation. The voucher will contain all the necessary information in order to reach the boarding/meeting point and will also contain a contact telephone number for checking the booking and informing about contingencies.

50) The destination and pick-up addresses on the voucher are the addresses where the passenger will be dropped off and picked up.

51) It is your/your passenger’s responsibility to check the details of the booking on the voucher and to inform us if there are any errors.

52) Please make sure the correct hotel and flight details are entered. TravelBrands B2B will not be liable in the event the information is entered incorrectly.

53) TravelBrands B2B will not assume any responsibility in omissions and typo errors, which may result in the provider’s inability to operate the service or in any interruption of the service.

54) Where possible and if notified by the supplier we will contact you to advise if incorrect information has been provided on the booking so that you have the opportunity to amend these details. The cost of the booking may increase based on any amendments made. Provider may also inquire about additional information needed for the respective services or inform us about additional information that we need to be aware of for good organisational reasons. Please inform the passengers accordingly in due time.

55) An amendment to flight times, flight number and/or hotel name details of a transfer/activity reservation can be done by cancelling the booking and inserting a new booking. Cancellation charges may apply.

56) Cancellations must be actioned online or by offline request in the case of reservations under Oktobuy status. Cancellations may be subject to cancellation fees.

57) It is your/your passenger’s responsibility to make use of all options available to confirm the pick-up time. These options are located on your voucher. If you/your passenger fail/s to reconfirm the departure service this may not be supplied. If you/your passenger have/s moved hotel whilst in resort to another hotel within the same area, the return pick up must be confirmed with the supplier over the telephone only.

58) Should the transfer not arrive for whatever reasons and you/your passenger have/s followed the procedure stipulated on the voucher by calling the transfer provider, you/your passenger should ensure that you seek an alternative method(s) to get to the airport in order to reduce your losses.

59) When paying for alternative methods to get to the airport please ensure that the passenger obtains a receipt(s). Please submit the receipt(s) to our Customer Care Department on the passenger’s return home for investigation with the supplier. There is no guarantee that this will be refunded however if the transfer provider is found to be at fault upon investigation you/your passenger will be refunded the cost of the alternative transport. Please note that we cannot refund any costs without provision of a receipt.

60) If the passenger’s arrival flight is diverted, delayed or cancelled we recommend that the passenger contacts the supplier via the telephone numbers provided on the transfer voucher. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate changes of this nature, this may not always be possible and will depend on operational demands of the supplier. It may not always be viable for the driver to wait and the passenger may have to make alternative travel plans at their own cost in the destination. If the Supplier is able to accommodate the new arrival time an additional charge may be applied.

61) In some destinations it may not be possible for your transfer/shuttle to pick up and drop off at the hotel door and the passenger may be dropped off or picked up at a central point within reasonable walking distance from their hotel/apartment.

62) Due to specific restrictions, including but not limited to, infrastructure work, traffic conditions the door to door pick up and drop off may not always be possible. Where these restrictions occur, the vehicle will stop and collect passengers from the nearest accessible point to the accommodation.

63) Each passenger in the booking is entitled to carry with him, on the relevant transfer, 1 suitcase which should not exceed 90cmx75cm, if the travel document does not state otherwise. Carriage of any baggage exceeding these measurements will be subject to available baggage hold space and may be declined. If a passenger requires baggage in excess of this allowance TravelBrands B2B must be informed at the time of the booking as the reservation may be declined or extra fees might apply.

64) Please take note we will NOT CONSIDER any complaint/refund if you/your passenger do not call the number provided in the voucher in case of problems with our services.

65) No reimbursement to the final consumer shall be made in the event of a 'no-show' without prior consultation and express authorization from TravelBrands B2B. TravelBrands B2B will inform you about the charges payable which, may vary up to 100% of the booking.


66) Packages in TravelBrands B2B for destinations Turkey, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt are guaranteed by the Organizer Travel Brands.

Therefore, please fill in the pre-order forms with the following data:

  • Organizer: Travel Brands
  • Insurance policies for the reimbursement of the repatriation expenses and/or of the costs payed by the traveller, in the case of insolvency or bankruptcy of the travel agency: Series and nr.  811861W / Generali Romania and series BN, nr. 000000921/ City Insurance in total value of 200.000 EUR 

67) The charter flight ticket and the accommodation voucher can be downloaded directly from the system with 14 days before departure the earliest, by accessing buttons Issue ticket and Issue voucher which will become active on the reservation’s page.

68) The flight timetable for scheduled or charter flights is indicative and may be subject to change until the date of its operation. For Dertour charters, Travel Brands reserves the right to change the airline, with prior notice to the reselling agency before the flight date.

For scheduled IATA and Low-cost flights it will be applied the airline's terms and conditions.

By continuing the process of making a reservation, the Reselling Agency agrees with the above.


69) Tickets for the flights operated with airlines Tarom, Aegean Airlines, Blue Air, SunExpress, Corendon can be downloaded from the the reservation’s page with Issue ticket button with 14 days before departure the earliest. 

70) Tickets for the group reservations on the scheduled flights for the Autumn-Winter season 2019-2020 can be issued aprox. 5 days before departure the earliest, following the offline request to helpdesk@dertour.ro. Please mention the reservation number in the message.

71) The flight timetable for scheduled or charter flights is indicative and may be subject to change until the date of its operation. For Dertour charters, Travel Brands reserves the right to change the airline, with prior notice to the reselling agency before the flight date.

For scheduled IATA and Low-cost flights it will be applied the airline's terms and conditions.

By continuing the process of making a reservation, the Reselling Agency agrees with the above.

Flight & Hotel 

72) The reservation made from this menu will result in services booked under separate reservation files, displayed accordingly in the system under individual reservations.
73) Each reservation will have its own reservation number and status: Confirmed/ Cancelled/ Rejected/ OktoBuy, and their management in the post-booking/pre-travel phases (status check, vouchers issuance, etc.) will consequently require an individual approach.
74) Each service under its own reservation will be invoiced individually.
75) The booked services are not interconnected. In other words, a change of the travel dates for the flight service for example will not reflect automatically in a change of the check-in/check-out dates for the hotel service or of the transfer details.
76) For the services booked by means of this technical facility Flight & Hotel, the responsibility to guarantee and report falls completely to the agency who sold the services to the customer
77) TravelBrands B2B does not guarantee as an Organizer, the facility offers only a technical tool to build packages out of totally distinct services.

78) The flight timetable for scheduled or charter flights is indicative and may be subject to change until the date of its operation. For Dertour charters, Travel Brands reserves the right to change the airline, with prior notice to the reselling agency before the flight date.

For scheduled IATA and Low-cost flights it will be applied the airline's terms and conditions.

By continuing the process of making a reservation, the Reselling Agency agrees with the above.


Important cruise information

79) Travel Conditions


Generally the cruise lines require that passengers younger than 21 years old be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older in the same cabin. All passengers in your cabin must be 6 months or older. Please read the age restrictions for complete details.

Guests under the age of 21 must travel with a relative or guardian 25 years of age or older. The guardian does not need to be a legal guardian. The bookings must be cross-referenced with the guardian’s cabin and documented properly.

Guests 12 and younger

If the relative or guardian insists on booking separate cabins, minors must either be directly across the hall or next door. Guests 12 and under may not be assigned to a balcony cabin without a relative/guardian.

Guests 13 - 17 years of age

Guests ages 13-17 can be booked up to 3 cabins away from their relative or guardian.

Guests 18 - 20 years of age

Guests ages 18-20 do not have any restrictions and may book whatever location they prefer.

Exceptions are as follows:

Guests under the age of 21 may travel without a relative/guardian under the following conditions:

• Legally married couples, including same gender couples. Proper documentation (i.e., official marriage license or proof of civil union) must be submitted prior to or on embarkation day.

• Qualified Military Personnel. Applies to U.S. Military Personnel and Canadian National Defense personnel (and their guests) of 18 – 20 years of age. Copy of Military ID will suffice as proof of service.

For both exceptions, bookings should be carefully documented. Documentation can be e-mailed to helpdesk@dertour.ro. Failure to provide documentation or not conforming to this policy will result in denied boarding and no compensation will be provided.

When minors (18 and under) are not traveling with a relative, we strongly recommend bringing an original signed letter from the absent parent/legal guardian authorizing the minor to travel.

Minimum Age to Sail: The minimum age for sailing is 6 months, with the exceptions of Transatlantic, Hawaii and South American cruises, which are 12 months.


Cruise lines generally cannot accept guests who will have entered their 24th week of pregnancy by the beginning of or at any time during the cruise. You may be required to product a physician's "Fit to Travel" note prior to sailing. Please read the pregnancy restrictions for complete details.

While at sea or in port, the availability of medical care may be limited or delayed. Prenatal and early infant care in particular may require specialized diagnostic facilities and/or treatment that are not obtainable during the cruise on board the ship or ashore in ports of call. Pregnant women are not allowed to cruise unless their estimated gestational age on the day of disembarkation is 24 completed weeks or less.

Pregnant women with an estimated gestational age of 24 completed weeks or less, on the day of disembarkation, must submit, prior to departure, a letter from her attending physician certifying that her gestational status is in accordance with this policy, and that the expecting mother is fit to sail. Cruise Lines will not accept any agreement or recommendation from the Guest and/or her physician that the policy be waived.


You will need valid, up-to-date identification cards or passports and multiple entry Schengen visas, depending on your nationality and on your cruise itinerary. We urge you to make sure you have everything ready well before your departure date. Should you find that any of your documentation is expired, you will need to contact the relevant authorities in your country and make sure you obtain valid documents. As per local authorities all guests must have valid traveling documents in order to embark on the cruise. Alternatively, there will be no refund of the cruise fare. It is guest’s responsibility to ensure that they fully comply with Schengen regulations. 

Greece is a Member-State of the European Union and has ratified the Schengen Agreement which abolished controls on common internal lands, at air and sea borders and allows Member-State citizens to travel without a visa for a short-stay period of up to three (3) months. ONLY selected E.U. citizens (please contact your local embassy/consulate for details) can participate in one of our cruises calling at a Turkish port with a valid I.D. card. 

*** For all other nationalities a passport should be presented. Your passport will also be required for a number of transactions, such as currency exchange, etc.

Citizens of some of the countries that are not Member-States of the Schengen Agreement require a visa to enter Greece; visitors from these countries should obtain further information from the Hellenic Embassies or Consulates in their countries. 

A number of nationalities may need Turkish visa in case of final embarkation/disembarkation in a Turkish port. Please consult with your local Turkish Embassies/Consulates for your visa requirements. All passengers who are in transit in a Turkish port do not require a Turkish visa.

Specifically for the 3 Continents cruise, please check with your local Embassies/Consulates of Israel, Egypt and Cyprus concerning the visa requirements or contact your travel agency.

European Identity Card and Passport

If you are a Greek citizen, you will need the most recent identity card (with Latin characters) or a valid passport for the trip. If you are an E.U. citizen, please make sure you are carrying a valid European Union identity card*** or a passport. If you are traveling with your passport, please make sure there are at least two blank pages in your passport and that it expires at least six months after the date of the cruise. Any kind of military ID card is not a valid traveling document. 

*** The Turkish authorities accept only identity cards from the following countries: Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Greece and Italy. 

European citizens whose countries are not mentioned above must travel with a valid passport. 

Exceptionally for the 3 Continents cruise, all passengers must hold a valid passport with validity of at least 6 months after the end of the cruise. No ID cards are accepted for this itinerary due to Israeli Immigration regulations.

Multiple Entry Visa

Passport holders who require a special visa to enter a country which is a signatory to the Schengen Agreement, such as Greece, must have a multiple entry Schengen visa. Foreign residents of Greece from non-Schengen countries, need a residence permit and must consult with the issuing authority of their permit to make sure they can visit a third country, such as Turkey. 

Travel Documents Pertaining to Your Cruise

Apart from your travel documents, you must also carry with you all official documents pertaining to the cruise you have purchased as well as your e-ticket or voucher from your travel agency. 

We also advise you to read the “Conditions of Carriage” and that you carry a printed copy of this document with you during your cruise. 

Unescorted Minors (Greek Citizens)

If your children are due to travel without you but with a relative-escort, such as an aunt, uncle or grandparent, you must complete and validate a signed declaration under Law 105 that states you have agreed to this trip. If an underage child is traveling with an identity card — but without a passport — and is being escorted by only one of their parents, the other non-traveling parent must complete and validate a signed declaration under Law 105 that states that he or she has agreed to the trip. 

Note: For safety reasons and for expediting our embarkation and disembarkation procedures at each port, your identity card or passport is handed in during check-in at the embarkation counter. Traveling documents will be kept on board by the Chief Purser as they may need to be presented for clearance to the local authorities in the various ports of call and specifically to the Turkish authorities, if requested. At all ports of call you are only required to present your personal boarding card if and when it is requested. 


Conditions to check before booking a cruise:

MSC  Cruises - please check HERE if Guests are allowed to embark according to their country of residence. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there might be international travel restrictions depending on cruise destination and country of residence. 

To ensure a safe and enjoyable cruise, MSC Cruises is adapting its booking conditions. Stringent Health & Safety measures have been implemented for a new, even safer onboard experience. These measures encompass: Covid-19 screening for all guests before the cruise, discovery on protected excursions, social distancing, constant cleaning & sanitization, and fully-trained staff. MSC Cruises is continuously assessing developments in response to the COVID-19 and travel and health requirements such as vaccination or Covid-19 test, please click here

To ensure peace of mind, MSC Cruises requires all guests to have a specific and mandatory Covid-19 insurance policy to embark, covering against COVID-19 related risks, such as cancellation, interruption, repatriation expenses, quarantine, medical assistance and related expenses, as well as hospitalization. This should be in place for to cover them from the confirmation of their booking until the end of the cruise or their cruise and flight package. Before finalizing a reservation, it will possible to add to the cruise the MSC Covid-19 Protection plan at the price of 25 to 29 euros (45 euro only for World Cruise) per person, depending on the destination. Alternatively, Guests may purchase another insurance coverage provided that the above risks are covered. A proof of the specific COVID-19 coverage insurance policy must be presented at embarkation or boarding will be denied.

Booked Guests that found themselves not to meet any of the requirements of the MSC Health and Safety Protocol (e.g missing vaccination) and therefore that they are prevented from boarding , are asked to send written communication to MSC CRUISES not later than 15 days before the scheduled departure of their cruise in order to request their voucher or reschedule their cruise according to the MSC Flexible Cruise Program.

COSTA Cruises- please check HERE

For further information regarding your travel documents, or for assistance with any other cruises procedural matters, please check specific conditions of each cruise line under the following sites:

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Norwegien Cruise Line - https://www.ncl.com/fr/en/about-us/terms-conditions
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80) Details regarding Guaranteed Cabin

A Guaranteed cabin is a cabin booked without a specific cabin allocation. This type of cabin will be allocated prior to cruise and there is no option for the passenger to choose the deck or number. If the booked category is not available at check in, then a cabin of a higher category will be allocated instead. 

Upgrade of a guaranteed cabin on board the ship is subject to availability at that time and requires the payment of a price difference. 

Sport & Events

81) SportsEvents365 (SE 365) operates as a broker on the secondary market of tickets, known also as “aftermarket”. Secondary market is created for example when the tickets demand is much higher than the tickets offered by the direct organizer (for ex. the sports club). The secondary market offers therefore the customer the possibility to participate to an event even if this is sold out with the organizer – due to other tickets acting on the market. The provider’s sources are diverse, depending on the event. For example: the sport clubs directly, local suppliers, event sponsors, national sports associations, media/press, etc.

82) Usually the ticket price on the secondary market is much higher than the starting price from the organizer, due to the fact that the demand is higher than the offer, this being the generating context of the secondary market itself. > We advise you to share with your customers the fact that the ticket itself can display a price, which will most certainly be lower than the price paid with the agency. However, there are also some tickets, depending on the source of the provider, which don’t have a price written on the face of the ticket, which remains to be acknowledged at the time receipt of the ticket.
83) Also, depending on the event and the provider’s source, the name printed on the ticket can differ from the name of the participant or it can even be a ticket with no name written on it. Generally the access to the events is granted based on the bar code printed on the ticket.

84) Tickets reservations with SE 365 are immediately fix orders, irrespective of the moment of their receipt in relation to the time the event takes place and the reservation status (pending possible) and involve 100% charges in case of cancellation and/or modification. In case a pending reservation can only be confirmed for a different price than that in the order we will inform you prior to the reservation confirmation.

85) SE 365 offer also events whose dates and times are not final at the time of the reservation. Please take note of the minimum-maximum timeframe when the event can be scheduled in order to organize the traveller’s itinerary accordingly and avoid not being able to participate to the event because of a poorly adjusted itinerary.

86) The main types of travel documents SE 365 offer:
- e-tickets – are received by email, according to the provider’s indications -> are to be printed and the customer presents it directly at the event location – access is granted based on this document
- vouchers -> are to be printed and the customer presents the document at the pick-up point of the access ticket, according to the instructions in the confirmation of the reservation.
- paper -> tickets are delivered at the hotel, in the city where the event takes place. Usually during the night before the date of the event the local supplier distributes the tickets to the hotels where the participants are accommodated, according to the reservation details. In order to facilitate the envelope handover at the reception we recommend that the participant of the event reservation is also the leader traveller of the hotel room reservation. TravelBrands B2B and SE 365 cannot be responsible in case the hotelier refuses to accept the correspondence for whichever reason: he is not aware of any delivery for the customer (we recommend that participants communicate to the reception in advance that they are expecting an envelope), the hotelier does not identify the addressee name of the envelope as a current customer of the hotel, etc. In case during the morning of the event the participant is unable to locate the envelope please notify urgently the provider at the Hotline number.
87) The provider strongly advises the participants to carry their mobile phones at the event in order to have the possibility to call the provider in case they face any inconveniences. Of course the participant can contact the Hotline number in the documents also prior to the event time, as soon as possible after any issue arises in order to give the provider sufficient time to solve it.
In case the participant doesn’t notify the provider immediately about the issue, the provider reserves his right to reject any post-factum compensation.

88) Please share with the customers all instructions and recommendations sent by our support department. This is important information communicated by the provider, extremely relevant for a good organisation and delivery of the service and also the best premises for an enjoyable experience for the travellers at the event.

Pending and On Request Reservations 

89) In some cases the hotel is available at the time of search but at the time of booking it may no longer be available and it may appear as pending. In this case TravelBrands B2B will aim to confirm this booking within 72 working hours, but a confirmation cannot be guaranteed.

90) Please note
Pending reservations with provider Traffics, German touroperators, generally do not allow cancellation requests upon Client’s initiative.

91) A booking is considered confirmed only when the status appears as Confirmed or Oktobuy in TravelBrands B2B Online Booking System.

91) Please note
Reservations under pending status are Not automatically cancelled at the cancellation deadline. They are pending for the provider’s confirmation/rejection. Cancellation policy of the reservation remains valid at all times! If you want to proceed with a cancellation of a pending reservation please request this transaction to the Support department corresponding the respective service type. Please pay attention to the cancellation policy.

Cancellations and Amendments 

93) Unwanted reservations must be cancelled directly in the system and the cancellation policy for each reservation can be found in the system. The acknowledgment in return will be the confirmation of cancellation to the email address you provided to us.

94) Cancellations after the deadline will result into an invoice for the amount stated in the cancellation policy at the time of booking.

95) You or your customer are not allowed to cancel or amend directly with the hotel. Any cancellations or amendments made directly with the hotel are not considered valid. You should make all the cancellations or amendments and/or early check outs with TravelBrands B2B’s authorisation.

96) Any amendment is on request and is not guaranteed, irrespective of the cancellation policy of that reservation. In some cases a decrease in the number of nights can increase the overall booking price (if there is a promotion in place, e.g. stay 3 nights and pay for 2 or stays including a particular day of the week).

97) Any kind of amendments may be considered as a new booking by the hotel/supplier therefore the change may attract costs, which, TravelBrands B2B will reflect to you. If you are not able to find availability for the wanted service in order to perform a new booking under the new desired parameters then please address an amendment request to the Support department of the corresponding service.

98) Partial cancellation (for example the cancellation of a room out of a multi-rooms booking) is to be considered an amendment under the above terms.


99) In cases where the hotel booked is included but not limited to, closed, overbooked or has maintenance problems and cannot provide the rooms booked, TravelBrands B2B is responsible for providing an alternative hotel, under the same category and area as the original hotel.

100) TravelBrands B2B cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred by the relocation as it is beyond the control of TravelBrands B2B.

101) TravelBrands B2B will also aim to provide a better alternative and/or compensation whenever possible but this is not contractual in the case of a bookout.

102) TravelBrands B2B will contact you by email, to the email address you provided to us, as soon as we are made aware of the relocation by the hotel/supplier to TravelBrands B2B. However some hotels may relocate the bookings at the time of check in so in this case it is beyond TravelBrands B2B’s control and TravelBrands B2B will do its utmost to help your customers at this time.

103) For on spot relocation, You or your passenger(s) must inform TravelBrands B2B in the event of any hotel discrepancy upon arrival and must wait for TravelBrands B2B to confirm an alternative. Failure to do so may affect future complaints or any compensation settlement.


104) In case of an emergency or if you or your passenger has a problem at the hotel/with a transfer then you or your passenger need to call the emergency number located on the voucher and cooperate with the supplier in order to identify the best possible solution. In case the supplier is unreachable you should contact our Support department of the respective service. Visit our Contact page in the system. Do not share our contact with your passenger.

105) Please note that we will not consider any complaint/refund if the supplier or subsequently TravelBrands B2B is not notified about issues with our services whilst the passenger is in house/on spot.

106) In case of disputes, the complaint should be sent to us in writing within 48 hours of the check-out day. After this deadline nothing else will be taken into consideration.

107) If the customer leaves the hotel before the check-out date, an invoice will be issued for the full stay and if the hotel confirms a reduction, it will be our responsibility to issue a credit note for the amount to refund. It is compulsory for the customer before leaving the hotel to ask for a written statement that includes the exact date in which the stay was terminated and the hotels agreement on carrying out a refund. This document should be presented to TravelBrands B2B in order to get the refund for the unused nights.

108) TravelBrands B2B does not take responsibility for the quality of the hotel booked. Any complaints relating to hotel facilities, standard or quality need to be brought to the attention of the hotel management at the time of stay at the hotel. This way the hotel can be given the opportunity to try and rectify the problem. If this has been done and the passenger has not received a satisfactory resolution to the problem the passenger should contact the emergency number on the voucher and if the issue persists you should subsequently contact our Support department of the respective service.

109) If the hotel offered the travellers special deals/benefits or reductions where TravelBrands B2B is required to resolve the issue later, the travellers will need to provide proof of this in writing endorsed and signed by the hotel.

110) For post travel complaints, a resolution from our side may take up to 30 days.

Confidential Information 

111) Negotiations with a hotel/supplier or third party.

112) The parties shall consider confidential all data derived from their collaboration and shall prevent to disclose it to a third party, except for the following categories of persons: police officers (and other representatives of state institutions), employees and contract staff, who may need to know the information for legal/obvious reasons.

113) Both TravelBrands B2B and the Client undertake to inform the other party as soon as it is reasonably possible if they become aware of or suspect that any confidential information belonging to the other party has come to the knowledge of a third party.


114) For credit card payments we accept Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard. If you are a Credit Client please refer to your agreement.

115) All bank charges and cost of transmitting payment must be covered by you, including intermediary bank charges where applied. TravelBrands B2B will only cover costs incurred by our bank.

116) For bank transfers, please make payments to one of the following accounts:

SC Travel Brands SA






LEI:    RO43 BRDE 445S V168 3364 4450

LEI:    RO51 FNNB 0018 0338 9515 RO01

EUR:  RO73 BRDE 445S V168 3401 4450

EUR:  RO08 FNNB 0018 0338 9515 EU01

USD:  RO39 BRDE 445S V168 3372 4450







LEI:    RO50 BACX 0000 0018 8523 7000

LEI:    RO19 BTRL RONC RT04 8688 4801

EUR:  RO23 BACX 0000 0018 8523 7001

EUR:  RO66 BTRL EURC RT04 8688 4801

USD:  RO66 BACX 0000 0018 8523 7003

USD:  RO70 BTRL USDC RT04 8688 4801

 EUR SEPA: RO93 BACX 0000 0018 8523 7002


Force Majeure

117) TravelBrands B2B will not undertake the liability or it will not pay any compensation where the performance of the system is disrupted or our obligations under this agreement are prevented or affected by ‘Force Majeure’.

118) Force Majeure means any event, which TravelBrands B2B or the supplier of the service, even with due care, could not foresee or avoid. Such events include, but are not limited to, war, threat of war, civil strike, extreme weather conditions, natural or manmade disaster (and all similar events outside of our control).


119) TravelBrands B2B reserves the right to withdraw access to our product, whether via the online booking system, xml or white label, with immediate effect in the event of a breach of these terms and conditions.

Governing Law

120) Any claims or disputes resulted from the present collaboration will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of Romania.