MY CRUISE --> includes cruise fare + port taxes + full board

ALL INCLUSIVE (MYALLINC) = MY CRUISE + MY Drinks beverage package

SUPER ALL INCLUSIVE (MYEXPLOR) = MY CRUISE + My Drinks +  MY Exploration package* (3 or 4 half-day excursions to be chosen)

ALLHM and MYHM - valid only for honeymooners

The Service Charge is NOT included. It can be added after the booking is processed or it will be paid by the guest once on board.


MY Drinks beverage package: cafeteria, soft drinks and a selection of Costa best cocktails and wines, whener you want!

Types of MY Exploration package* 

1. My Explorations 3.0 - valid for 7 nights cruises on Mediterranean itineraries; bookings processed after 12.02.2024

                                    - includes 3 half day excursions to be chosen from a new and completely redesigned portfolio

2. My Explorations 2.0 - valid for cruises longer than 7 nights for Mediterranean itineraries and any other destination also.

                                    - includes 4 half day excursions to be chosen


  • For Costa pricing model, please check the attached document 'Costa Cruises pricing model' and detailed info HERE

  • For Costa beverage packages, please find details in document 'COSTA Drink Packages'

  • For Costa Cruises on Emirates, please refer to attached document 'COSTA Emirates_25_Minimum connection Time'

  • Get inspired with itineraries from "Brosura Costa 2023" - document attached