On our ships which are sailing from ports in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia or New Zealand, no person under eighteen (18) (a ‘minor’) may sail on any cruise holiday or have a stateroom on his or her own unless accompanied by a parent, a legal guardian or authorised person* who is over the age of eighteen (18).

Please note, that for any of our ships sailing from a port in the US or Canada, the minimum age for the above policy will be twenty-one (21).

*For minors under the age of eighteen (18) at the start of the sailing who are not travelling with at least one of their Parents or a Legal Guardian, written authorisation to travel from a parent/legal guardian to travel must be provided to an authorised person.

Minors travelling with an adult(s) who is not the parent or legal guardian shall be required to present (a) the minor’s valid passport, (b) all applicable visas and (c) where the minor is under the age of eighteen (18), an original legally affirmed or notarised letter signed by at least one of the child’s parents/ legal guardians. Where such letter is required, the letter must authorise the travelling adult to take the minor/s on the specified cruise and must authorise the travelling adult to supervise the minor, sign applicable sports waivers and permit any medical treatment that, in the opinion of the treating doctor, needs to be administered. A letter can be legally affirmed or notarised by a practising solicitor, notary or commissioner for oaths for a fee. If such evidence is not produced, the minor(s) concerned will not be permitted to board the ship or undertake the cruise. Royal Caribbean International® will not be responsible for any costs, expenses or losses suffered as a result either by the minor affected, the person(s) paying for their cruise (if not the minor him/herself), or any persons travelling with the minor who decide not to continue with the holiday as a result of the failure to produce a letter of authorisation as set out above.

Please note: that parent(s)/legal guardian travelling with a child who has a different surname to the parent(s)/legal guardian, will be required to produce official proof such as a full Birth Certificate/Wedding Certificate/divorce papers to prove that they are the parent(s)/legal guardian of the children concerned. Proof of legal guardianship is also required where there is a minor travelling with their legal guardian.

Individual staterooms can be booked by married couples whose minimum age is eighteen (proof of marriage is required at the time of booking). Apart from married couples who are technically classed as minors, individual staterooms may only be occupied solely by minors where such staterooms are adjacent (directly opposite or next door) to the stateroom of the parent or Legal Guardian of the minor.

Onboard there are certain facilities where each entry is restricted by age.

Persons using the Elemis AquaSpa must be over the age of 18. Full details of onboard facilities with age restrictions are contained within the Daily Programme, which is available from the Guest Services Desk.

The minimum age for infants to sail is six (6) months, as of the date of sailing and twelve (12) months, as of the date of sailing for Transatlantic/Transpacific Ocean Voyages, Hawaii, Australian, selected South American cruises and other selected cruises. For the purposes of this policy, any cruise that has 3 or more days consecutive at sea will require infants to be 12 months old on the first day of the cruise/CruiseTour. The health and safety of our guests is our number one priority.

As such, in consideration of the limitations of the shipboard medical facility, equipment and staff, the company cannot accept waivers, releases or requests for exceptions to this policy.


Royal Caribbean International welcomes pregnant guests but will not accept guests who will enter their 24th week of pregnancy by the beginning of, or at any time during their cruise vacation or cruisetour.





If you are a Romanian citizen (including children and infants), you must have your own full 10 or 5 year (3 year for children) passport which is valid for at least 6 months after your expected return date to Romania. Guests holding non Romanian passports should check with relevant embassies. It is no longer possible for children to be included on their parent’s passport. Obtaining a full Romanian passport may take around 2 weeks, but you should allow longer at busy times of the year.  All guests should check with the relevant embassy prior to travel for the most up to date information on passenger requirements.


Please note: that there may be a visa requirement for your cruise, particularly if you are visiting

countries in the US, Asia, the Middle East, China, India, and Australia.

Please also note that where there is a requirement to have a visa to travel to a particular country, even if a guest chooses not to disembark the ship in that country, a visa must be arranged as indicated. The only exception to this rule is Russia where a guest is able to stay on the ship in St Petersburg and does not need to obtain a visa.

You must ensure that all guest names (including any middle names) are exactly the same as they appear on the cruise ticket as in their passport. If there is any difference, you may be refused entry onto your flight/cruise. Passport and visa requirements may change and vary by destination. We regret we cannot accept any liability if you are refused entry onto any flight or into any country, or otherwise suffer any difficulties or incur any costs as a result of not having the correct passport and/or any required visa(s). It is the sole responsibility of the guest to identify and obtain all required travel documents and have them available when necessary. These appropriate valid travel documents such as passports, visas, inoculation certificate, letters for unaccompanied minors and family legal documents are required for boarding and re-entry into the United States and other countries. Guests who do not possess the proper documentation may be prevented from boarding their flight or ship or from entering a country and may be subject to fines. No refunds will be given to individuals who fail to bring proper documentation. Certain Port Authorities may from time to time ask to see photo identification when you depart the ship during the cruise. We strongly suggest that you take a photocopy of your passport in addition to your passport itself with you on holiday and carry the photocopy with you each time you depart the ship, separately to your passport, in order to minimise any inconvenience this may cause and to help with any situation where a passport is lost or stolen. These requirements should act as a guide only and are subject to change at any time (Often there are requirements on passport validity length, even where a visa is not required).



There are several seating times for meals in the main dining room. If you have a preference, you should make this known at the time of booking. Please note that dining times and seating requests cannot be guaranteed and are on a request basis. Dining requests are subject to availability, however we will do all that we can to accommodate requests for guests with specific medical issues. The

normal times for meals in the dining room are as follows although these may alter depending on the

itinerary (usually later on European sailings):

Breakfast Open sitting Open sitting

Lunch      Open sitting Open sitting

Dinner     Early Seating 18:00/18:15 Late Seating 20:00/20:30

If you wish to be more flexible and in casual dress, breakfast, lunch and dinner are also served in

alternative locations. The main dining room may not always be available at breakfast and lunch times. Please check your Cruise Compass for times and locations. A Room Service menu is available 24 hours a day (Please note: there is a nominal charge operational at all times. Guests in suites can request a full menu for each meal to be served in their suite. A per person cover charge is applicable specialty restaurants. A full list of specialty restaurants can be viewed and reservations made on our website: or onboard the ship.

My Time Dining® (open seating) is now available fleet-wide offering guests flexibility with their evening dining. You can decide when you would like to dine between the hours of 18:00 and 21:30 each evening, much like a regular restaurant, so reservations are recommended to be made once onboard or preferably before your cruise through our website.



For the comfort and enjoyment of our guests, our ships are designated as non-smoking; however, we recognise that some of our guests do smoke. Therefore, to provide an onboard environment that

also satisfies smokers, we have designated certain areas of the ship as smoking areas. Cigarette, cigar, e-cigarette and pipe smoking is permitted in designated outdoor areas. To assist in locating areas where smoking is permitted, guests will find visible signage posted within all smoking areas and ashtrays that are provided for use. Outdoor areas near restricted areas, food venues, and kids play areas and pools will not allow smoking. On Oasis class, smoking is not permitted in Central Park or the Boardwalk neighborhoods. Casino Royale allows smoking and has a designated area for non-smoking guests. There will be visible signage indicating the non-smoking area in the casino. There are select cruises departing from China that will not have a non-smoking area in the casino. Onboard all interior public spaces are smoke free. Smoking is not permitted in any dining venue, theater, bar, lounge, hallway, elevator, and jogging track. Smoking is not permitted inside any stateroom and any stateroom balcony. This applies to all stateroom categories onboard. If a guest is in violation of this stateroom policy, a cleaning fee of $250 USD will be applied to their SeaPass® account and may be subject to further action pursuant to the “Consequences Section” of the Guest Conduct Policy. Cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco must be properly disposed of and never thrown overboard. Cigar and pipe tobacco is limited to designated outdoor areas. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase, possess or use tobacco onboard. Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are only permitted within the designated smoking areas. Royal Caribbean International kindly asks all guests to please observe the smoking policy. These requests are made to provide a comfortable cruise for everyone. Guest may also inquire at Guest Services for the location of the designated smoking areas onboard. Guests who violate this smoking policy may be subject to further action pursuant to the “Consequences Section” of this Guest Conduct Policy. Please visit before you sail for any smoking policy updates.



The minimum drinking age for all alcoholic beverages on Royal Caribbean International ships sailing from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East is eighteen (18). Sailings from North America have a minimum drinking age of twenty-one (21). All guests must comply with Royal Caribbean International policies, including among other things, agreeing to not provide alcoholic beverages to any other person, regardless of age. At private shoreside resorts such as Labadee and CocoCay and when in U.S. & Canadian ports, the minimum drinking age will remain twenty-one (21). If a guest reaches a birthday that will change their adherence to our alcohol policy, they may visit the Guest Relations Desk and on showing their passport as proof of age, their records will be updated to allow them to purchase and consume alcohol.

We reserve the right to vary minimum age limits without notice where local laws require or where deemed desirable or necessary. Please note that within the territorial waters of some countries on your itinerary or based on your embarkation port, the onboard shops may be closed or alternatively restrictions may be imposed on some items available for purchase.

Guests can now take on board the ship, two bottles of wine/ champagne per stateroom on embarkation only. If the wine is consumed in a public area, the corkage is USD $15 to pay. Alcohol purchased in a port of call or on board from the Duty Free Gift Shop will be stored and delivered

to your stateroom on the last night of the cruise. Guests who violate any alcohol policies (over consume, provide alcohol to people under stated age above, demonstrate irresponsible behaviour, or attempt to conceal alcoholic items at security and or luggage check points or any other time), may be disembarked or not allowed to board, at their own expense, in accordance with our Guest Conduct Policy. Royal Caribbean International reserves the right to revoke or otherwise restrict drinking privileges of any guest, regardless of age.




In order to expedite the boarding process, we recommend that you complete the online check in at By completing the online check-in and printing out your bar-coded SetSail TM Pass, this will help speed up the check-in process at the cruise terminal. If you are unable to complete the online check-in, you can fill out the Guest Clearance Form found within your cruise documents. Please complete these forms before your arrival at the terminal. In the cruise terminal, simply present your cruise documents and all completed forms at the check-in desk. You will be issued with a SeaPass® Card which will serve as your identification card. This card is your identification for boarding and re-boarding the ship in the various ports of call and the key to your stateroom. Please keep this safe and with you at all times. This card is also your SeaPass® card for all your onboard purchases. Printed on the SeaPass® card is your dining room seating and table assignment.

Please be sure to have all visas/documentation and vaccinations required for your itinerary.

Please note, all guests must be checked in and onboard the ship no later than 90 minutes prior to the published sailing time or they will not be permitted to sail. You will need to have your booking ID and date of sailing to hand or, if we have already received this information from you at the time of booking, verify that the details we are holding are complete and accurate. If you fail to supply the details requested, both fully and accurately, you may not be permitted to board your cruise ship and/or outward and/or return flight. We will not accept any liability in this situation and we will not pay you any compensation or make any refunds. You will be responsible for your onward/return travel arrangements. If failure to have this information results in fines, surcharges or other financial penalty being imposed on us, you will be responsible for reimbursing us accordingly.

Your stateroom attendant will deliver your luggage to your stateroom or suite as soon as possible after boarding. We strongly recommend that items such as medicine and valuables are packed in your hand luggage and passports should be retained by you at all times unless requested and retained by Royal Caribbean International® to expedite service.



To get the most enjoyment out of your visit to a port of call, we recommend you select one of our shore excursions, which have been planned by our travel experts and are recommended by the authorities for the particular ports. Prices vary for each excursion and are subject to change. To ensure you do not miss out on your chosen shore excursion, we strongly recommend that you visit our website to reserve your place. These must be booked at least 5 days prior to your sailing date. Please note that by purchasing your shore excursions in advance you will avoid the need to visit the busy Explorations Desk onboard the ship. Shore excursions can also be booked onboard, however places are limited and therefore we recommend you book online to avoid disappointment. The staff at the Explorations Desk onboard will be happy to provide you with information to book your shore excursions. Some of the shore excursions are subject to minimum numbers and may be cancelled if requirements are not met. Proof of certification is required for all scuba tours. Alternatively you are free to explore and make your own arrangements at each port of call, visa permitting. Please note that some shops/museums in various ports may be closed due to local holidays or customs. Subject to our Booking Conditions Royal Caribbean International® is not responsible for any injuries or losses sustained whilst guests are ashore, whether on an organised excursion or otherwise.