•  "De ce sa rezervi o croaziera pentru urmatoarea calatorie "
  •  "Ce poti face la bordul unei navei NCL "
  •  "La ce sa te astepti in prima si ultima zi de croaziera "
  •  "Ce inseamna Free at Sea cu NCL"  
  • "Cum se procedeaza in privinta bacsisului la bordul unei nave NCL "


Sunt doar cateva intrebari importante al caror raspuns il veti regasi in selectia de informatii de la Norwegian Cruise Line pe care am pregatit-o pentru voi in materialul: "NCL- discover what it means to feel free"

Please find HERE the Q&A NCL session. Here is a brief summary of the questions on recording: 

  1. Do guests need Free at Sea?
  2. Can I add more WiFi to the booking than included in Free at Sea?
  3. Can I add an individual transfer or do I always need to add the flight?
  4. Is the online check-in mandatory? 

YES, in order to receive the travel documents. If the booking is made too last minute, NCL needs to receive the passport data by email.

       5. Is it possible to embark/disembark in a different port?

- In case tourists miss their flight for instance and need to embark in a different port than scheduled, they need to inform NCL and get the approval

       6. Can cabin numbers be changed once they are assigned?

       7. Can Free at Sea be added on board as well? - NO

       8. Do guests need to pay the Service Charge – YES

       9. Does NCL assist with the Visa request? – Visa information can be found online: https://www.ncl.com/fr/en/freestyle-cruise/cruise-travel-documents#visa-requirements