Conditions to check before booking a MSC cruise:

Please check HERE if Guests are allowed to embark according to their country of residence. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there might be international travel restrictions depending on cruise destination and country of residence. 

To ensure a safe and enjoyable cruise, MSC Cruises is adapting its booking conditions. Stringent Health & Safety measures have been implemented for a new, even safer onboard experience. These measures encompass: Covid-19 screening for all guests before the cruise, discovery on protected excursions, social distancing, constant cleaning & sanitization, and fully-trained staff. MSC Cruises is continuously assessing developments in response to the COVID-19 and travel and health requirements such as vaccination or Covid-19 test, please click here

For all new reservations from 1 July 2022 onwards it is strongly recommended for all guests  to have in place a travel insurance policy that also specifically covers against COVID-19 related risks, such as cancellation, interruption, repatriation expenses, quarantine, medical assistance and related expenses, as well as hospitalization. If you have no travel insurance in place, please note that you might be exposed to additional costs that could not be covered by the Cruise Company.

The insurance should be in place to cover you and your family, from the confirmation of your booking until the end of the cruise, your cruise and flight or your Stay & Cruise package.

To fully protect you from the above risks, MSC Cruises offers a COVID Protection Plan  - an insurance policy specifically designed for these COVID-19 risks that can be added to the cruise whilst making the booking.                                                                                          

Covid protection plan cover is applicable to all departures on sales and available  only for IRL Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Lussemburgo, Malta, Poland, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia residents

Booked Guests that found themselves not to meet any of the requirements of the MSC Health and Safety Protocol (e.g missing vaccination) and therefore that they are prevented from boarding , are asked to send written communication to MSC CRUISES not later than 15 days before the scheduled departure of their cruise in order to request their voucher or reschedule their cruise according to the MSC Flexible Cruise Program.

Notification Dated: Friday, March 4, 2022 12:13

Dear All,

we are facing an unpleasant and recurring situation concerning some Romanian guests on board our ship when calling the British Virgin Islands (MSC Seaview).

Some Romanian guests never returned onboard after the disembarkation to go ashore. This happened on few different cruises some weeks ago and continues to happen.

We have been informed by the Local Authorities that, due to this unpleasant trend, for the next calls and until further notice, the Romanian citizens could be denied to entry the British Virgin Islands.

Guests could embark on the ship and could remain on board but could not be allowed to disembark upon the arrival at the Virgin Islands.

This decision is beyond our control and it is at the discretion of the local authorities.

In case of further developments, we will keep you posted accordingly.

Kind regards

MSC Crociere Spa


Notification Dated: 22.05.2023 - VENICE port - embarkation in Venice Marghera

For all guests sailing on a cruise from Venice embarkation procedures and luggage drop-off are performed in Venice Maritime Station, then guests are transferred by ferry to the ship, docked in Marghera (40 minutes transfer). 

All embarkation procedures, including baggage drop-off, are held at Venice Cruise Terminal in Venice Maritime Station (Venice Passenger Terminal), therefore guests are kindly asked not to reach autonomously Marghera port.


  • The cruise ship will depart from Marghera port. A transfer by ferry from Venice Cruise Terminal to Marghera port is organized by MSC Cruises. Guests with disabilities or reduced mobility should contact their accredited travel agencies or the MSC contact center for special arrangements.

Guests embarking in Venice who also want to visit the city may do so on the last day of their cruise. They can opt for one of the MSC Excursions available for disembarkation day or choose to explore the city autonomously. 

MSC Crociere SPA


Notification Dated: 29.08.2023 CAR AREA - Main Dining Restaurant : Surcharge $5 for additional Entree 

As per august 8th , on all ships sailing from U.S. homeports, Caribbeans area only, an extra cost of $5 per person is charged for any extra entrées required in MAIN DINING RESTAURANT; the first entrée remains complimentary, as do all appetizers and desserts.


This communication is for your information only and no action is required from you.

However, if you receive complaints from your guests, or any problems should arise caused by bad publicity on social networks or any other form of communication, you can use the below and approved statement, reactively and not proactively.


MSC Cruises is committed to maintaining the unmatched value of cruise vacations, even as costs for food products, other goods and services continue to rapidly climb. We are implementing a modest surcharge on ships sailing from U.S. homeports to cover costs for guests who order extra entrées in the main dining room. The first entrée remains complimentary, as do all appetizers and desserts. A $5 surcharge applies only to additional entrées. Like other cruise lines that have made similar changes, we believe the surcharge spreads costs more fairly than increasing cruise fares across the board, while preserving our ability to provide quick and consistent service in the main dining room. We also believe this will reduce food waste, which is in line with our mission of reducing the company’s environmental impact.




All websites will show the following information proactively in FAQ’s or other relevant sections of the website.


For cruises departing from a U.S. homeport: The first entrée, appetizers, and desserts are complimentary per each guest. For guests who wish to order a second entrée, an additional surcharge of $5 will be applied.

MSC Crociere SPA


Clarification about MSC Cruises ships calling Spanish ports such as Malaga and Cadiz, from which it is possible to book excursions in Gibraltar.


Since last July, Spanish authorities have been strictly applying the Schengen Convention of transit passengers on cruise ships, according to which Non-Schengen guests are only allowed to stay in the same country where the ship is docked.

Based on this - as Gibraltar is a Non-Schengen country - it is allowed to cross the border only to guests coming from Schengen countries, with NO EXCEPTION allowed.

Therefore, for all Non- Schengen passengers cruising on a ship calling Spanish it is not possible to visit Gibraltar but, of course, they can go ashore or choose an MSC excursion in Spain.


IMPORTANT: If the ship docks directly in Gibraltar, all passengers, regardless of whether they are Schengen or Non-Schengen, can visit Gibraltar ONLY and it is not allowed to cross its borders.

MSC Crociere Spa