Conditions to check in order to book a Cruise

MSC Cruise
Conditions to check before booking a MSC cruise: Please check HERE if Guests are allowed to embark according to their country of residence. Due to the Covi...
Lu, 6 Noi, 2023 la 11:25 AM
Costa Cruises
1. Check-in procedure: In order to receive the travel documents, the clients have to proceed the online check- and complete the health status declara...
Jo, 25 Ian, 2024 la 10:11 AM
Celestyal Pre-departure information: The document includes infos about everything the clients need to know before departure in a Celestyal cruise.
Lu, 6 Mar, 2023 la 11:51 AM
Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)- Online Check-in
 About online check-in for Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) bookings:  can be made between 21 - 4 days before departure  with 72 hours before departure, th...
Lu, 11 Sep, 2023 la 10:46 AM